World’s Week 3 Day 1

Shirted bench: 2@562.2/255(1 board), 2@584.2/265(1/2 board, chest)
2 board: 3@385.8/175, 407.9/185, 429.9/195, 451.9/205, 468.5/212.5, 479.5/217.5

Good bench day, the shirt wasn’t seated quite right but still hit everything solid.

Worlds Week 2 Day 5

Squat w/straps down: 1@694.4/315, 727.5/330
GHR: 3×5

Decided to try a different squat suit, put on my old 36 TRX. It’s too tight, straps down was really tough to get to depth with 330. Will need to go up to a 38 or so for worlds. My back is bugging me from deadlifts on thursday, well I think block pulls actually, so was pretty tentative and skipped drop sets and deadlifts.

Worlds Week 2 Day 4

Speed Bench: 9×3@253.5/115 w/double minis
2board+double minis: 3@297.6/135, 319.7/145, 341.7/155, 363.8/165, 385.8/175, 396.8/180, 407.9/185, 418.9/190

Had acupuncture on my low back so I skipped squats today and just benched.

Worlds Week 2 Day 3

Deadlift: 2@551.2/250, 617.3/280
6″ Block Deadlift w/belt: 2@628.3/285, 628.3/285
Chest supported rows: 6@220.5/100, 242.5/110, 264.6/120

The deadlift took back the beltless deadlift double record in our competition, it’s also a 10kg pb and the most I’ve ever pulled for reps raw.

Worlds Week 2 Day 2

Squat: 2@562.2/255(belt), 2@628.3/285(wraps) 1@672.4/305(wraps)
Bench 2Board: 3@407.9/185, 429.9/195, 451.9/205
3Board: 3@474/215, 496/225, 507.1/230

Squats felt good tonight, went a bit heavier than scheduled because I was a little too light on Saturday. Bench was using rep boards, which I find makes a difference, so the numbers aren’t huge but they are good.

Worlds Week 2 Day 1

SSB: 2@413.4/187.5, 457.5/207.5
Speed Conv Deadlift: 12×1@485/220 w/1min rest

I was putting together a new GHR for the gym between sets and I think I was hunched over too much which tired my low back out and made squats not feel great.

Worlds Week 1 Day 5

Squat w/wraps: 2@615/279, 645/292.6
Stiff leg deadlift: 3×5@225/102.1

Trained at strive in Calgary. Beat all the guys there so trained on a crappy bar. Found it hard to get the right spot on my back with the bar but the weight was still easy. Stiff legs were super light just to be careful.

Worlds Week 1 Day 4

SSB: 2@391.3/177.5, 435.4/197.5, 457.5/207.5
Speed bench w/doubled minis: 9×3@242.5/110
3 board w/doubled minis: 3@308.6/140, 352.7/160, 396.8/180, 429.9/195

Quick workout done in less than an hour. Had to get on the road for a trip to Calgary.

Worlds Week 1 Day 3

Deadlift: 4@440.9/200, 451.9/205, 463/210, 474/215, 485/220, 496/225
Chest Supported Row: 3×8@220.5/100

I skipped some belted deadlifts which were supposed to come after the 6×4 because my left bicep was really sore.