CSS Week 2 Day 4

Sumo Deadlift: 2@529.1/240, 551.2/250, 573.2/260
Drop Sets: 3×3@529.1/240

I did up to 250 without straps but the left hand hurt too much so I strapped up for the rest of the sets. Still that’s progress.

CSS Week 2 Day 3

Squat: 2@440.9/200, 474/215, 507.1/230
Drop sets: 2×3@463/210
Close Grip Legs Up Bench: 8@231.5/105, 253.5/115, 264.6/120
Close Grip 2Board: 3@341.7/155, 363.8/165, 374.8/170, 385.8/175

Just kept the squat numbers the same as last week, felt a bit better but still not great.

CSS Week 2 Day 2

SSB: 3@400/181.4, 420/190.5, 440/199.6
Conv Deadlift: 2@485/220, 507.1/230, 529.1/240

First time pulling without straps since Worlds, the left hand is still tender once the weight got higher but I’ll be pushing through now to rebuild calluses.

CSS Week 2 Day 1

Bench: 8@275.6/125, 292.1/132.5, 308.6/140, 319.7/145
2Board: 6@363.8/165, 385.8/175, 407.9/185

Repeating the first week of the program to make it reach the meet, I’m also missing some training this past weekend and this coming weekend.

CSS Week 1 Day 4

Sumo Deadlift: 4@463/210, 485/220, 496/225, 507.1/230
Sumo Block Pulls(6″): 2@551.2/250, 573.2/260, 573.2/260
Sumo Drop Sets: 3@485/220, 463/210, 440.9/200

Lots of deadlifts but they felt good. Had to use straps for all my sets due to my left hand still being really tender and soft.

CSS Week 1 Day 3

Squat: 2@463/210, 507.1/230
Drop set: 2×3@463/210
Close Grip Bench: 8@220.5/100, 242.5/110, 264.6/120, 286.6/130
Close Grip 2board: 3@352.7/160, 374.8/170, 385.8/175

Surprisingly sore from the pause squats yesterday, todays squats felt a little rough, especially on the shoulders.

CSS Week 1 Day 2

SSB Pause Squat: 3@330/149.7, 350/158.8, 360/163.3, 360/163.3, 360/163.3
Speed Conv Deadlift: 15×1@474/215 w/1minute rest

Well I keep giving pause squats a shot but they always leave my back feeling tweaky so that’s it, i’m cutting them out from now on. I think they are an excellent accessory if you can do them but the risk:reward ratio isn’t there for me.

CCS stands for Canadian Strength Symposium, it’s a multi-day event up in Saskatoon that I’ll be lifting at the last weekend of January.

Raw Week 1 Day 1

Bench: 8@275.6/125, 286.6/130, 297.6/135, 308.6/140
2board: 6@330.7/150, 352.7/160, 374.8/170, 396.8/180
DB Row: 3×10@80/36.3 db

Started a new program today, Stinn System Raw Block 3, doing the Synergy meet in January raw. It’ll be my first raw meet in over a year so I’m hoping to make some decent improvements, I’m both looking forward to and dreading not being in the gear.

Worlds 2014 – Aurora Co, USA

Squat: -793.7/360, 793.7/360, 821.2/372.5(NR)
Bench: 584.2/265, 606.3/275, -617.3/280
Deadlift: 705.5/320, -744.1/337.5, 744.1/337.5(NR)
Total: 2171.5/985(NR)
BW: 295.9/134.2
Wilks: 554.07 (PR)

This was my fifth time at worlds and my best performance ever. I went in with bigger goals but I’m really happy with how things turned out. Considering I went 6/9 I ended with a 12kg personal best total including a 2.5kg squat PB and a 9.5kg deadlift PB. I left a lot of kilos on the platform on squat and deadlift.

My first squat was called down for depth but I came back and smoked it on my second and took an aggressive(for me) jump on my third, which was still easy, I think I had 380+ in me. Basically as soon as I put my shirt on and did my last warmup I knew it wasn’t on quite right. However having only a 20 minute break I was out of time to make any other changes so I just went with it. Luckily my opener was still a smoke show, but my second attempt was quite hard. However I felt the small jump to my third was still safe but I was wrong, it was stuck out front right off my chest and I couldn’t get it locked out.

Deadlifts were another story, things felt good and I knew I had a shot for a medal or at least a chance to pull for 1000kg total. Not to be as on my second attempt the bar got out front of me and had some downward motion, then to top it off more as I stood at lockout the calluses on my left hand tore off. I dropped the bar and yelled in frustration. Walking off the platform I thought I was done for the day but Rhaea put in my third attempt anyway. With some help cutting the skin off and and rubbing some chalk on it I was able to push through the pain and pull my third.