Canadian Strength Symposium

Squat: 617.3/280, 644.8/292.5, 661.4/300
Bench: 418.9/190, 440.9/200, 451.9/205
Deadlift: 639.3/290, 672.4/305, 700/317.5
Total: 1813.3/822.5
BW: 133.6
Wilks: 462.9

The meet went better than I was thinking it would, this last peaking block I beat the crap out of myself by putting my meet goals in as my current maxes. I came in feeling pretty weak and in lots of ways just hoping to hit openers or at best an 800 total. Things obviously went better than that and I’m happy. The deadlift and total are provincial records all the lifts are personal bests and it beats my previous best total by 62kg, hard to ask for more.

CSS Week 10 Day 1

Bench: 3@330.7/150, 352.7/160, 374.8/170, 396.8/180
2board Bench: 3@418.9/190, 440.9/200, 451.9/205, 463/210, 474/215

Good solid bench day, needed more of these during this peak, need to make a new raw peak.

CSS Week 9 Day 6

Squat w/belt: 2@507.1/230, 540.1/245
Drop Sets: 5×3@485/220

Light squats but lots of drop sets add up to some sore hips however they got better the more sets I did so that’s always good.

CSS Week 9 Day 5

SSB: 2@369.3/167.5, 391.3/177.5
Speed Bench w/MonsterMini+Mini bands: 9×3@198.4/90
2Board w/same bands: 3@264.6/120, 308.6/140, 330.7/150, 330.7/150

The bands really kick in hard at lockout, really needed speed off the chest.

CSS Week 9 Day 4

Deadlift: 3@485/220, 485/220, 496/225, 507.1/230, 507.1/230
Deficit Deadlift: 4×1@485/220
Chest Supported Rows: 6@220.5/100, 264.6/120, 286.6/130

Deadlifts felt a little off, not sure what was up but this was what was prescribed so at least I got through it.

CSS Week 9 Day 3

Squat: 2@495/224.5, 515/233.6

Just a couple sets of beltless squats today, my right shoulder is sore from benching on Sunday so I didn’t feel like stressing it more today, more important to rest up.

CSS Week 9 Day 2

SSB: 2@413.4/187.5, 435.4/197.5
Speed Conv Deadlift: 8×1@496/225 w/1min rest

Pretty good workout, widened my stance on the squat, I want to try to get it wider for raw squatting as I’m fairly narrow and I think i’m losing some power from my hips.

CSS Week 9 Day 1

Bench: 1@429.9/195, -451.9/205(CRAP), 429.9/195, 429.9/195
Close Grip 3@352.7/160, 363.8/165, 374.8/170

Well sometimes you fly too close to the sun. After failing 205 I tried 195 with pinkies on the ring and then full width grip to see, I had been doing about ring finger when I failed 205. Full width felt the best.

CSS Week 8 Day 6

Squat w/belt: 1@595.2/270, 628.3/285
Drop Set Squat w/belt: 3×3@518.1/235

Went back up to 285kg this week and it felt much better than last week and that’s after heavy deadlifts two days ago. I think I’ll open at this weight.

CSS Week 8 Day 5

SSB: 2@413.4/187.5
2Second Pause Bench: 6@264.6/120, 286.6/130, 308.6/140
2Second Pause w/2board: 6@330.7/150, 352.7/160, 374.8/170

I kept my squats light as I have to squat heavy tomorrow, the long pause benching was pretty tough, it’s a long time to stay tight for.