Nationals Week 4 Day 3

Squat w/wraps: 1@617.3/280, 2@639.3/290
Close Grip Legs Up: 8@264.6/120, 286.6/130

I would have sworn my set at 280 was misloaded heavy on the right side so I stopped after the first rep, it wasn’t so no clue. 290 for a double felt light and easy.

Nationals Week 4 Day 2

SSB: 2@413.4/187.5, 457.5/207.5, 479.5/217.5
Conv Deadlifts: 2@507.1/230, 529.1/240, 551.2/250, 573.2/260

Had to get through this workout in a little over an hour so that made it tough, cause i’m slow.

Nationals Week 4 Day 1

Medium Grip Bench: 2@374.8/170, 385.8/175, 396.8/180
2Board Bench: 3@418.9/190, 440.9/200, 457.5/207.5, 474/215, 485/220
3Board Bench: 3@507.1/230, 523.6/237.5, 534.6/242.5

Good benching today, I think all the top sets were nearing personal bests.

Nationals Week 3 Day 5

SSB: 2@413.4/187.5, 435.4/197.5, 457.5/207.5
Speed Bench W/monster mini: 9×3@231.5/105
2Board w/monster mini: 3@264.6/120, 308.6/140, 330.7/150, 352.7/160, 363.8/165, 374.8/170

Good workout, bench is feeling stronger and stronger.

Nationals Week 3 Day 4

Sumo Deadlift: 2@485/220, 507.1/230, 529.1/240, 551.2/250, 573.2/260, 584.2/265
Chest Supported Rows: 6@220.5/100, 253.5/115, 264.6/120, 275.6/125

My right glute/hip is not enjoying sumo deadlifts, very painful as the weight increased.

Nationals Week 3 Day 3

Squat w/wraps: 2@606.3/275, 1@622.8/282.5
Light benching

Something about wrapping knees, benching in a shirt then deadlifting the night before made my right shoulder extremely sore today. Had to skip benching to let it rest up.

Nationals Week 3 Day 2

SSB: 2@413.4/187.5, 435.4/197.5
Speed Conv Deadlift: 12×1@507.1/230 w/1min rest

Things are feeling better finally, it took about 6 singles on the deadlift before I stopped feeling like I was going to hurt myself.

Nationals Week 3 Day 1

Bench Shirt(52 Bolt): 2@551.2/250(3b/2b), 2@573.2/260(2b/1b), 2@584.2/265(1b/c(failed))
3Board: 3@485/220, 507.1/230, 529.1/240
Shoulder saver stuff

First time touching my chest in the bolt so that’s good but just got way out front on the press with it, probably a lot of my arms being tired from handling the weight for the first time. It’s not uncommon for me to miss reps the first time in a shirt.

Nationals Week 2 Day 6

Squat w/wraps: 2@639.3/290, 661.4/300, 1@683.4/310
Drop sets w/wraps: 2@595.2/270, 617.3/280

That was a lot of knee wraps for the second time in them, my knees were not loving the wraps yet. I the bright side I got to within 10kg of my personal best in wraps.