North Americans 2015

Training for NAPF2015 went off the rails a bit as injuries started to compound. I was unable to bench with wider than a medium grip without wrist pain, and when I did bench my right shoulder conspired to kill me. I modified my training and did more SSB than normal to try to take the strain of the straight bar off my wrists and shoulders. It seemed to help but not fix the problem. I have a lot of massages to get in the next couple months.

That all said I came in with limited expectations especially when I knew I would be busy all week running the meet. I can’t say I’m disappointed in my lifting due to these factors.

Squat: 628.3/285, -655.9/297.5, 666.9/302.5
Bench: 385.8/175, 418.9/190, 440.9/200
Deadlift: 650.4/295, 677.9/307.5, -705.5/320
Total 1785.7/810
BW: 303.8/137.8
Wilks: 453.8

The best part was I outwilksed Rhaea…