3×3 Week 4, Day 3

Close Stance Squat: 5×5@350/158.8 = 8750
Legs Up Bench: 6×6@240/108.9 = 8640
Sumo Deadlift: 5×5@357.1/162 = 8956

Well it was a sad bit of volume today, I was tired from all the travelling yesterday but that’s a poor excuse. Overall this 4th week has been lackluster but I guess all weeks can’t be as good as last week.

Next week starts the heavy singles and the volume drops a lot, I’m really ready for that.

2 thoughts on “3×3 Week 4, Day 3

  1. At the start it was my glutes which caused me alot of pain squatting wider and sumo deadlifting. Other than that I had good days and bad days. If I could go back to the start I would have put my bench up higher, possible even my shirted bench.

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