3×3 Week 5, Day 1(Deadlift)

Squat: 3×3@350/158.8
Bench: 5×4@231.5/105
Deadlift: 2×1@467.4/212 w/ no belt, 1@467.4/212 suit bottoms on belt on, 1@467.4/212 suit and belt

Well this next bit of the program is going to be dedicated to getting used to this damn deadlift suit(and maybe my new bench shirt). I easily pulled the weight today for the singles without a belt, it is recommended to use the gear used to get your original numbers for the program during these four weeks but I’m going to do my best to pull without a belt as long as I can. I pulled my suit on and did the first one straps down and belt on, the belt really dug into me, but I was able to get down and into position pretty easily. The pull was quick but the bar stuck to my, now exposed, legs near the top, I still locked it out easily. The second pull was in full gear, straps up and belt on. It was much harder to get down to the bar but I sucked it up and got down and into position. It absolutely felt like nothing was on the bar. I’m getting the straps shortened and then I’ll pull in it again next week.

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  1. Excellent lifting, Stinn! Congrats on completing the preparatory phase.

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