Bands and Boards Week 6

Speed Bench: 9×3@220/99.8 + black bands
2 Board: 5@330/149.7, 5@335/152, 5@340/154.2
Internal Rotations: 3×15 w/ black band
Behind the Neck Band Pulldowns: 3×15 w/ black band
Face Pulls: 3×15 w/ black band
BB Bicep Curl: 25@45/20.4, 20@45/20.4
BB Reverse Curl: 2×15@45/20.4
Swiss Ball Cruch: 2×20@bw

Todays speed bench felt easy all the way through, in fact it seemed to get easier the closer my grip got(I do 3 sets with wide, medium and close grip). The following board work also felt quite easy although my left thumb area is bugging me and it really flared up during the first couple sets of these. I think it’s from the deadlifts yesterday so I’m not too worried though, the deadlifts also caused me to have a tight back all workout.

4 thoughts on “Bands and Boards Week 6

  1. Scratch the internal rotation movements… wont do you a damned bit of good. External is much more useful… your pecs and lats can internally rotate your shoulder, you need to work on the rotator cuffs… at least the 3 of it’s 4 muscles that externally rotate the shoulder to balance out strength on both sides of the joint. See you in 2 weeks cowboy!

  2. Yeah but when you injure the 4th rotator cuff, the subscapularis, which is used to internally rotate the humerus doing internal rotation exercises to strengthen and rehab that muscle is important.
    And only 2 of the rotator muscles external rotate the humerus, the infraspinatus and the teres minor. The supraspinatus is used for abduction.

  3. Symptoms led me to the subscap but massage and stretching confirmed it.
    Jamie’s a pansy…

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