Bands and Shirt Week 7

Band Bench: 9×3@225/102.1 + monster minis
Bench: 3@275/124.7, 2@315/142.9, 1@365/165.6 3 board, 1@395/179.2, 3 board
Shirted: 1@425/192.8 2 board, 1@455/206.4 1 board, 1@460/208.7 chest
External Rotations: 3×12 w/ monster mini
Internal Rotations: 3×15 w/ monster mini
Band Face Pulls: 10, 15, 15 w/ monster mini
Abs: 3×10 w/ stretch band

Well the 460 bench is a 15lb PR for me so I’m pretty happy. I’d be even happy but I didn’t control it at the top during lockout I just tossed it towards the rack. However the 455 and 460 presses were VERY quick, hell the 460 had trouble touching my chest and I’m wearing my old Titan Fury which has touched with 407 before. Although I am up about 9lbs since nationals…some good(i think) and some bad…

7 thoughts on “Bands and Shirt Week 7

  1. Nice benching. Where is the touch point on those titans? I’ve never used them before but heard they are great for single ply.

  2. I touch about an inch or so below the nipples, but I guess that depends on how far you have the shirt pulled down.

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