Bench Day Week 3

First week in a while where I haven’t put up a PR on bench, which is alright as I’ve now found where I’m at and can work on my sticky point. This was always going to be the last week I put on my shirt until the 8th week of this program any how. Once again I got a cramp in my hamstring doing bench even though I stretched out before hand, I guess I will have to do more stretching. For the next 4 weeks I plan to work on rack lockouts and 3 board press insteadof shirt work allowing me to hit the top end where I need the power.
I’m also going to have to get the arms of my bench shirt shortened before being able to use it in a contest, I’m a little worried about this because I’m not sure if anyone local will be able to make them strong enough so I think I will contact Titan directly to see what alterations will cost me.

Flat Bench Warm Up

2 Board Press
335×2(failed third)
335×1(failed second and third)
I over estimated my strength here as 325 went up pretty easy last week, I will have to drop down to 325 or 330 next week.

Shirted Bench
370×1 This felt like a good lift
375×0 Failed right at lockout

Tate Presses

Upright Rows

Overall I felt it was a good workout, I would have liked to put up 375 but it just wasn’t in the cards this week.