Bench PR and New Goal

Well today was another good day, this extra rest time is really helping I think. I’ve also gotten quite used to my shirt now which helps alot too.
Flat Bench

2 Board Press

Shirted Bench
365×1 PR
375×1 PR
385×0 Missed just before lock out, I was worn out and I just couldn’t get comfortable.

Tate Press
38lb Db x 8
43lb Db x10
48lb Db x10
53lb Db x9 missed the last one

Upright Rows on low cable machine
80lb x10
120lb x10
140lb x10

Another week and another 15lb on my bench, I’m not sure I can keep that up for another week but I’ll have to wait and see.

Since I’ve now passed my short term goal of 365 by the end of March I’m going to officially make my new goal 410lb by the end of June. By the sounds of it there will be a local contest in June and 410lbs would be a new provincial record if I could pull it off at the contest. That’s my goal and we will see how it goes.

On an off note I actually got a cramp in my right hamstring during the 375lb push which threw me off, I’ve never had that happen before so that might have also been a part of the 385 miss.

3 thoughts on “Bench PR and New Goal

  1. nice job… I’ve had a hamstring cramp up during benching before… it’s from the leg drive and not stretching enough before you lift.

  2. thanks, i’m goign to have to start stretching my legs before i bench heavy, I never thought the legs got that involved…how little i know!

  3. a general warmup involving calisthenics (pushups and jumping jacks) plus stretching USED to be routine for me. Now that I’m lazier and heavier, I am lucky if I stretch for 5 minutes. It is so important though.

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