Box Squats Week 14

Warm Up:
Standing Abs: 3×20 w/ doubled purple
External Rotations: 3×15 w/ mini band
Pull Aparts: 3×20 w/ monster mini
Hypers: 3×15
Leg Raises: 3×15

Box Squat: 5@220.5/100, 5@264.6/120, 2×5@308.6/140, 2×5@330.7/150
Step Ups: 3×20 w/ 40lb dbs
Hypers: 2×15 w/ doubled mini, 2×12 w/ 52.9/24 kb

Good workout, I have a lot of box squats in my next program and judging by how hard they were tonight I think it’s a good thing. My hip strength is in the toilet.