Calgary Open Results

The meet went great, I was a little off my mark on all my lifts but I set three new PRs so I won’t complain at all. My squat warm ups are horrible, I really need to work on how long it takes me to warm up. I ended up doing my last warm up at 484 with suit and belt but no wraps, I then went out and opened with 583/265. I smoked 265 like it was a warmup, but a ripping noise in the right strap of my squat suit had me worried during my decent. I checked the strap after and saw no damage so I went on with my second of 616/280. The lifter helping me didn’t call my depth on this one so I figured I wasn’t deep enough and was upset as I came up, however I found out this was my deepest squat. An easy squat but it did leave me tired as I was trying to get depth so hard. I opted for 644/292.5 for a third. Again it felt like I was going down forever and finally decided to just come up without hearing her call my depth(on review of the video she called it just as I grunted and came up). I smoked it too, I probably had 660/300 in me, oh well.

Up next was bench, easily what I was most worried about after my shoulder injury two weeks ago. My last warm up was 405 to a 1 board in the shirt which I paused on the board for a good 3 seconds before I pressed, I was confident that I could get my opener to my chest. That opener was 418/190 and I did indeed get it to my chest after a little bit of work, I paused it nice and long and powered it up. My second was to be 446/202.5 so I jacked the shirt up getting the chest plate lower and closer to the groove. While I was setting up my right hip and lower back cramped…wow that sucked. I brought it down and it just hit a wall about 2″ above my chest so I had to fight it a bit to touch but I still got it up pretty easily. I didn’t think I had 210 in me so I called for 457/207.5, again it hit a wall 2″ above my chest but I got it down easier. It flew off my chest but I just couldn’t transition to lockout and missed the lift.

So with the first two lifts down I knew I had to do 578/262.5 to make my national qualifier so I told my helper that my third would be 262.5 no matter what. I opened with a ridiculously easy 517/235, this could have easily been a warm up for me. I called for a second at 550/250. I setup alright but I never got my left hand wrapped around the bar well so about mid thigh the bar was in my fingers, it was all I could do to try and lockout and not lose it. I got the lift in a 2 to 1 call however so I’m was happy. My final at 262.5 flew off the floor and got to my upper thighs but stopped dead at lockout, I had hit my old sticking point.

Squat: 583/265, 616/280, 644/292.5
Bench: 418/190, 446/202.5
Deadlift: 517/235, 550/250

12 thoughts on “Calgary Open Results

  1. Great work hitting three pr’s. And almost 100 pounds on your total in such a short amount of time is great.

  2. Hey! Great job, Stinn. Three PRs! That’s a helluva squat too. Can’t be dissapointed with that…

  3. Thanks everyone, I had a blast at the meet but I am looking forward to some lighter training for a bit. I’m still deciding if I want to lift in bench only at nationals as I did qualify for that. I have no chance of even placing I’m sure but I’m going to nationals anyway to help out so I might do it.

  4. Bench at the nationals so you can experience a meet of that level. Even if you don’t place, you will gain some valueable experience and confidence. Congrats again on a job well done!

  5. Congratulations Stinn! Nice lifting all around. As John said go and lift at the Nationals. It will be good practice for you. Next year you’ll make the nationals all around!

  6. Congratulations, Stinn, on a great meet. Three PRs is sweet. Bring on Nationals!!!

  7. Fantastic numbers Stinn. Way to go! I sure hope my PR’s jump as well as yours did when I go to my first meet this summer.

  8. Awesome job Stinn, got some strong lifts,the future looks good for you man. Good Luck at the nationals, kick some ass!!

  9. great work stinn, tremendous squatting. so close to qualifying too.

    surely you have to go and do the bench only, great opportunity…

  10. Nice one on those lifts Stinn, Inspirational work! Even though you didn’t feel you were firing on all cylinders you still managed to pull some PRs outta the bag (okay, enough cliches)

    I’m with the other guys on the meet, it’d be great experience to work out at that level.

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