Canadian Strength Symposium

Squat: 617.3/280, 644.8/292.5, 661.4/300
Bench: 418.9/190, 440.9/200, 451.9/205
Deadlift: 639.3/290, 672.4/305, 700/317.5
Total: 1813.3/822.5
BW: 133.6
Wilks: 462.9

The meet went better than I was thinking it would, this last peaking block I beat the crap out of myself by putting my meet goals in as my current maxes. I came in feeling pretty weak and in lots of ways just hoping to hit openers or at best an 800 total. Things obviously went better than that and I’m happy. The deadlift and total are provincial records all the lifts are personal bests and it beats my previous best total by 62kg, hard to ask for more.