Finally Back(on the internet that is)

The server was being migrated which brought the site down for a while but everything is back up and running now.
I should have taken notes on my workouts so I could post them up here once it was back up. Highlights of the last week have been:

  • 325 bench on 3 boards for 3 sets of five on Wednesday
  • 300+Chains(80lbs) squat for 2 sets of eight on Saturday, i had to lay down after both sets
  • ohh I almost forgot! 500lb deadlift for 1 set of 1 on Tuesday. I believe that is my short term deadlift goal

It’s been a good week of hard workouts so far and squats again tomorrow.
On the Suppliment side of things I just got a new order of some At Large Nutrition stuff. I got Nitrean(protein powder), Creatine 500, ETS and Thermocin. I’ve used their protein and ETS before, ETS is a suppliment based on Microlactin which I found to work quite well at aiding recovery. I’ve never used their creatine but I have used creatine before and never found it worked well for me, some people are non-responders to some types of creatine so I guess we’ll see if this stuff helps me. The Thermocin is a thermogenic product that does the whole “more energy, burns fat, reduces appetite, etc”. I do wanna slim down so we’ll see if it works.

Damn Canadian Customs

We paid $40USD to get Titan to FedEx Express our order, if you don’t know FedEx Express is 2-3 Day shipping. It was on schedule it got to Calgary(in Canada one province over) the SAME NIGHT WE ORDERED IT. That’s fan-fucking-tastic, we will get it FOR SURE by Friday. It sat in Customs until today at noon, TODAY!!, that’s 2 and a half days sitting there.
So I finally call them up to figure out what the hell is going on and they tell me it’s waiting for taxes and duty to be paid. Well I dont know about them but I’ve gotten quite a few orders from the states and I ALWAYS pay that shit when it gets here. So the person tells me they will call me and give me an estimated delivery time, which of course they don’t do. I call them again tonight after I notice that the online tracking has changed to saying that it’s finally been released from customs and it’s ready to go BUT it missed the damn plane out of Calgary. She tells me that I can request Saturday delivery, GREAT! that’s what I want, I want that. Wait a minute…wait one second here, why do I have to request Saturday delivery? If they can do Saturday delivery wouldn’t it just be ASSUMED that I want it? Here comes the got ya I just know it. Oh it can only be delievered the the city an hour away and it will cost me another $20. So basically I requested that they make me drive an hour and pay them to deliver the package that they themselves were supposed to deliver.
The whole thing is stupid, we could have probably gone with standard shipping and gotten it just as fast. What a waste of $40…$60 if you do the math and convert to CDN dollars.
Sorry for the rant and for the over use of uppercase, we now return you to our regularly scheduled program.
****RANT ENDS****

On the brighter side of things, our At Large Nutrition order showed up today. We ordered some of their awesome protein, which is actually a multiprotein mix as it has whey, casein and egg proteins. It also has glutamine in it, on paper it sounds like one of the best protein mixes I’ve seen for the price. I will have to see how it tastes and does. I also ordered some of their ETS which is a pill with “Micro-Lactin”, a quick right up about Micro-Lactin and Stolle Milk can be found here. Sounds like cool stuff so I decided to give it a try.
I will let you guys know how it all works.