Deadlift Week3

Foam Rolling

Sumo Deadlift: 5@330.7/150, 352.7/160, 363.8/165
Front Squat: 6@176.4/80, 198.4/90, 220.5/100
A1) DB Bulgarian Split Squat: 8/side@28/12.7, 35/15.9, 35/15.9
A2) Landmines: 3×6/side@95/43.1
B1) KB Swing: 15@52.9/24, 70.5/32
B2) Calf Stretch: 2x30sec

Good workout, still keeping the weights light, that maybe the motto for this who program for me.

CGB Week 3

Foam Rolling

Close Grip Bench: 10@220.5/100, 231.5/105, 242.5/110
Close Grip 2Board: 6@297.6/135, 308.6/140, 319.7/145
A1) Close Grip 3Board: 6@330.7/150, 341.7/155
A2) DB Row: 3×8/side@70.5/32, 83/37.6, 83/37.6
B1) Scap Pushup: 3×10
B2) Head Supported Row: 10@63/28.6, 73/33.1, 83/37.6

Good bench workout, felt stronger today which is nice after Sunday’s workout.

High Bar Squat Week 3

Foam Rolling/Dynamic Warm Up

High Bar Squat: 8@275.6/125, 297.6/135, 308.6/140
Reverse Lunges: 3×6/leg@132.3/60, 143.3/65, 154.3/70
Speed DL: 6×2@286.6/130
Pallof Press: 3×10/side
Adductor Stretch: 2x30sec/side

Pretty good squat workout, light weight, back was okay.

Legs Up Week 3

Foam Rolling/Dynamic Warm Up

Legs Up: 5@297.6/135, 308.6/140, 319.7/145
Legs Up 2Board: 5@341.7/155, 352.7/160
A1) Dumbbell Incline Bench: 8@73/33.1, 83/37.6, 93/42.2
A2) Chin Up: 3×3
B1) Side Plank: 3x20sec/side
B2) External Rotation: 3x10w/mini band

Not feeling strong today.

Belt Squat Week 2

Foam RollingDynamic Warm Up

Squat w/belt: 3@363.8/165, 374.8/170, 385.8/175, 396.8/180, 402.3/182.5
A1) SLDL: 3×6@297.6/135
A2) Yoga Plex: 3×4/side
B1) Single Leg Hip Thrust: 3×8/side
B2) Wall March: 3×6/side
C1) Heel to Butt Stretch: 2x30sec/side
C2) Seated 90/90: 2x30sec/side

Good squat workout, I was supposed to put knee wraps on but decided to just stick with the belt and hit the numbers I was supposed to do with wraps. Obviously these aren’t high numbers but nice to hit them.

Speed Bench Week 2

Foam Rolling/Dynamic Warm Up

Speed Bench: 9×3@213.8/97 w/30sec rest
3Board: 5@374.8/170, 385.8/175, 396.8/180, 407.9/185, 418.9/190
A1) DB Bench: 8@83/37.6, 93/42.2, 103/46.7
A2) Pull Up: 4×2@bw
B1) 2 Point Row: 3×10/side@70.5/32
B2) 1-Arm Pec Stretch: 2x30sec/side

A little stronger than last week so that’s always good.

Deadlift Week 2

Foam Rolling/Dynamic Warm Up

Sumo Deadlift: 5@308.6/140, 319.7/145, 330.7/150, 341.7/155, 352.7/160
Front Squats: 6@176.4/80, 187.4/85, 187.4/85
A1) DB Bulgarian Split Squat: 8/side@23/10.4, 28/12.7, 28/12.7
A2) Landmines: 3×6/side@132.3/60

Still super light on the deadlifts, but they felt pretty good. My back was a little sore during this workout, not sure if it’s cause I didn’t have an extra day between this workout and the squat workout.

CGB Week 2

Close Grip: 10@209.4/95, 226/102.5, 237/107.5
Close Grip 2Board: 6@286.6/130, 297.6/135, 308.6/140, 314.2/142.5
A1) Close Grip 3Board: 6@325.2/147.5, 336.2/152.5
A2) DB Row: 3×10/side@70.5/32
B1) Scap Pushup: 3×10
B2) Head Supported Row: 10@63/28.6, 83/37.6, 83/37.6

Good workout, bench is feeling stronger.

High Bar Squat Week 2

Foam Rolling/Dynamic Warm Up

High Bar Squat: 8@264.6/120, 286.6/130, 297.6/135
Reverse Lunges: 6/side@121.3/55, 132.3/60, 143.3/65
Speed Deadlift: 6×2@275.6/125 w/30sec rest
Pallof Press: 3×10 w/monster mini
Stability Ball Adductor Stretch: 2x30sec

Another super light squat workout but another squat workout without hurting my back so….seems good.

Legs Up Week 2

Foam Rolling/Dynamic Warm Up

Legs Up: 5@275.6/125, 286.6/130, 297.6/135, 308.6/140, 308.6/140
Legs Up 2Board: 5@330.7/150, 341.7/155, 352.7/160
A1) Chin Up: 5×3
A2) Incline DB Bench: 8@63/28.6, 73/33.1, 83/37.6, 88/39.9
B1) Side Plank: 3x20sec/side
B2) 30Deg Abducted External Rotation: 3×10@11/5
Bits of cardio

Pretty decent workout, no big jumps in strength from last week, and my shoulders are feeling a little beat up from this jump back into so much benching. I may have to lighten up Tuesdays close grip workout.