CGB Week 6

CGB: 5@270/122.5, 5@280/127, 5@285/129.3
CG Lockouts: 3@335/152, 3@355/161, 3@365/165.6
Floor Skull Crushers: 3×8@100/45.4
Dips: 3×6@bw

Everything went well today, nothing was a struggle at all well until I hit the dips. As for everything else I was working with weights higher than recommended by my routine.

6 thoughts on “CGB Week 6

  1. Stinn, the reason the dips were a struggle is because you were working with weights higher than recommended by your routine.
    You have to learn to moderate your intensity throughout the entire workout.
    It’s not any one exercise done heavy that’s going to help you progress but a combination of all exercises done as recommended.
    Just my two cents…

  2. Right, lifting in winnipeg not edmonton. Going to edmonton to help though.
    Shoulder is doing good. Not really a problem right now, at least not my biggest problem.

  3. with close grip lockouts its a longer lockout but normal grip I do with a shorter one, still more than 3-4″ though.

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