CGB Week 7

CGB: 8@240/108.9, 2×8@245/111.1
CG 2boards: 3×3@340/154.2
JM Press: 10@95/43.1, 10@105/47.6, 10@115/52.2
Biceps: 3×12@65/29.5, 2×10@75/34
Abs: 20@140/63.5, 2×20@150/68

Good workout, the first set of close grip 2boards was quite hard but each set after that got easier and easier. I haven’t done JM presses in a while and they ended up being quite tough by the third set.

One thought on “CGB Week 7

  1. Triceps look strong for the meet. JM presses are something I feel you can get strong at but you must do them for a while. Blakley told me the same thing. It is a tough groove to hit but once it has been practiced enough and the tendons toughen up you can handle some serious poundage.

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