DE Chest Day

Today was pretty good we did 8×3@205lbs for speed bench. After we worked on heavy singles: 275×1, 295×1, 305×1, 315xfailure, 315xfailure. I would have felt better had I made my 315 push but I burned alot of my available energy with the speed bench. After I moved onto dips for 3×8 at my body weight, that’s pretty much enough but I might have to start hanging weight off me soon(eep!). Finished up with 4×8(122.5lbs, 135lbs and 147.5lbs x 2) wide grip lat pulldowns to chest.
We are supposed to do biceps today as well, Jamie did do them, but I opted out because my left elbow bothers me when doing them and I’d like it to heal at some point.
Now two days of rest until heavy squat(damn knee) day on saturday.

2 thoughts on “DE Chest Day

  1. Knee problems are no good! I hope your knee is gets better on it’s own and fast. Looks like you’ve got a pretty neat blog going on here. Count me in as a regular reader!

    Best of luck with the knee!
    -Marie Rochat

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