Deadlift Day

I decided to change things up a bit and do sumo deadlifts instead today to see how they felt and hit some different muscles. I still worked up to 2 sets of 5 reps and to my surprise I was no weaker doing sumos, or at least at this weight I wasn’t.

Sumo Deadlifts
Compared to last week where at 170kg I could only pull 4 the first set and 2 the second set this seemed much better. I have found I need to strenghten up my lower back some more for these to allow myself to stay more upright off the floor.

T-Bar Rows

Reverse Grip, Narrow Grip Lat Pulldowns

Standing Wide Grip Barbell Curls

I thought this workout went well however I was hungry going in which didn’t help energy levels. The 5 rep sets of deads are a lot harder than just doing doubles and singles that I used to do.

I may stay with the sumo stance we will see what next week brings, now I get to look forward to three days off the weights but at least one day of cardio in there as I gotta slim down some more to hit the 275lb class for my first comp.

3 thoughts on “Deadlift Day

  1. Sumo deadlifts are harder to break from the floor but a lot easier once you get the bar moving. And the range of motion is so much shorter… don’t be afraid to alternate styles either.

  2. breaking the floor wasn’t the problem, at least at 160kg. The problem was not letting my upper body dip once I had broken the floor.

  3. you really have to concentrate on pushing up and forward with your hips when using the sumo style, more so than conventional

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