Deadlift Day sans Deadlifts

I decided to leave out deadlifts today because I’ve been going really heavy lately and didn’t want to over do it. So today was dedicated to the accessory exercises that I do and some that I should do. Started off with bent over barbell rows up to two sets of six at 225, these were definately tough. I super setted the last two sets with hise shrugs up to one set of 315(this was bothering a mole that had almost been ripped off during squats on saturday and I didn’t want to start it bleeding again), I like these and should really try to do them more.
Moved onto close grip, reverse grip lat pulldowns up to one set of six reps at 185, I did sets at 135, 160, and 172.5 before I got to 185. 160 has been where I’ve been working at for quite a while now and I guess it was time to turn these up a notch.
Lower back hypers were last for two sets of ten with a 10kg plate behind my head. This felt good at the time but soon tossed my lower back into spasms and just generally uncomfortable to sit…or stand.