Deadlift Week 5

Deadlift: 8@474/215(conv, no belt), 1@551.2/250(52 cent straps down, sumo), 1@617.3/280(52 cent straps down, sumo), 1@661.4/300(52 cent, sumo)
Lat Pulldown: 15 w/green band, 2×12 w/green+purple band

Decided to pull some heavier stuff in my centurion as I haven’t tried pulling in a centurion in a few years at least so this was a good experiment. The straps down stuff was really easy but the straps are really tight so the straps up was hard to get into a good position and it was squeezing the air out.

2 thoughts on “Deadlift Week 5

  1. How do you find the Centurion for deadlifts? I haven’t tried it yet but I’m curious to see how the NXG+ Super will perform.

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