Deadlift Week 6

Warm Up:
Standing Abs: 3×25 w/ doubled purple
External Rotations: 3×15 w/ mini band
Hypers: 3×15
Leg Raises: 3×15
Pull Throughs: 2×15 w/ monster mini, 1×15 w/ purple

Deadlift(conv): 5@440.9/200, 5@451.9/205, 5@463/210, 5@474/215, 5@485/220
Deadlift(narrow sumo, quad mini band(176.4/80), 3/4″ platform): 3@264.6/120, 3@275.6/125, 3@286.6/130, 3@297.6/135, 3@308.6/140, 3@319.7/145, 3@319.7/145(1 1/2″), 3@319.7/145(2 1/4″)
Narrow Stance Box Squats: 4×4@275.6/125 + 80/36.3 chains
Pfister Hypers: 2×15 w/ 12lbs med ball
Standing Abs: 3×10 w/ doubled green

Lots of volume tonight. The band deadlifts were pretty darn good, I really tried to snap the lockout and the last few sets adding boards made a pretty big difference. I had pulled an adductor on Monday during warmups so I scrapped that workout but there was no pain today.

One thought on “Deadlift Week 6

  1. Thanks for the positive input Stinner. Training is going really well. I plan on competing raw at the Manitoba Open 22 June. This will be my last competition in Manitoba and I’m really looking forward to some new raw PBs. 15 July is the day I leave Manitoba for good. I’m really looking forward to lifting out east. I’ll hook up with Cliff Samms and get some ideas for my assualt on National qualifying. Keep up the good work.

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