Deadlift Week 8

Deadlift w/belt: 5@469.6/213, 1@507.1/230, 1@540.1/245
Lat Pulldown: 10@147/66.7, 2×10@160/72.6
Seated Rows: 10@147/66.7, 10@172/78, 10@185/83.9

Good lifting today, the set of 5 felt heavier than I think it should have but I pulled through it. The two singles were pretty easy too, Jeff said both were pretty quick and I should leave it there. I wasn’t 100% today as usually my deadlifts would be tomorrow so I’m on 1 day less rest. I think that’s a good sign.

One thought on “Deadlift Week 8

  1. From everything I’ve seen of your dead, you don’t lack for quickness. Your move from off the ground to almost lockout is phenomenal. I know I’ve asked it before, but why aren’t you doing rack pulls?

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