Deadlifts Week 13

Deadlift(Sumo): 5@495/224.5(belt), 1@565/256.3(Metal Deadlifter), 1@585/265.4(Metal Deadlifter), 0@585/265.4(metal deadlifter, conv)
Front Sq: 5@260/117.9, 5@280/127
Lat Pulldown: 10@135/61.2, 10@160/72.6, 10@185/83.9

First time pulling sumo in a month and it felt slow, my hips are really tight and sore from squats the last few weeks so that didn’t help. The 585 pull sumo was way better than the 565 pull. The conventional one I kept adjusting my grip before I pulled and by the time I pulled it my grip was too loose to hold it so i just put it down.