Deadlifts Week 2

Deadlift: 8@396.8/180, 8@418.9/190, 8@440.9/200
Front Sq: 8@187.4/85, 8@198.4/90, 8@209.4/95
Shrugs: 10@264.6/120, 2×10@286.6/130
KB Handoff Hypers: 10@35.3/16, 14@35.3/16

Deadlifts were good, although the footlong sub I had an hour before might have been a mistake in hindsight as more than once it threatened to come back up. Also during my second set my left lower back tightened up a bit and was mighty sore, some massage of the glute seemed to loosen it up, have to give that glute some attention over the next couple days. Everything else was good, this new hyper variation is as good as the old pfister style for sure.