Deadlifts Week 4

Deadlifts(no belt, conv): 10@430/195, 9@440/199.6, 11@450/204.1
Box Squats w/blue+purple bands(260/117.9 at the top): 2×2@275/124.7, 2×2@295/133.8, 2×2@315/142.9
Lat Pulldowns: 10@147/66.7, 2×10@160/72.6

It’s like i block out how hard 10s are after I finish them cause this was crazy, I had to go stand in the bathroom after my last set just in case. I was out of town at a conference for the last few days and was up rather late last night so I don’t suppose that helped.
The box squats got purple bands added this week which I estimated at another 30lbs a side, it was definitely noticeable.

One thought on “Deadlifts Week 4

  1. good to see that your taking some of your own medicine. As a wise man told me…those 8’s will feel really good after the 10’s! 🙂

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