Deadlifts Week 5

Deadlifts(conv, no belt): 10@440/199.6, 10@450/204.1, 10@460/208.7, 3@505/229.1(belt), 2@555/251.7(belt)
Seated Row(medium pronated grip): 3×12@135/61.2
Shoulder Rehab
Adductors, Abductors
Pfister Style Hypers: 10@bw, 13@bw
Ab wheel style abs w/bb: 2×7@bw

The sets of ten were rough tonight, but overall better than last week. I think I need to start drinking something during these workouts to keep the energy up, after I finished deadlifts I had a powerade and felt way better. I’m disappointed that the double at 555 was so hard but i had already done alot before it and was still sore coming into this workout.
Oh and the ab wheel style abs were stupid hard…an ab cramp is not a fun thing.

2 thoughts on “Deadlifts Week 5

  1. I have endless amounts of joy when I see you doing sets of 10! 🙂

    And someone asked me why I was doing sets of 8 on the deadlifts and I told them “so that 5’s will feel easier next week”.

    Can’t wait to see what the next 3 weeks brings!

  2. hehehe….Ab Wheel…..Funny how an un-assuming piece of crap like that can cause so much pain. I always laugh at it sitting there on the floor, but afterward I hurt…..too funny

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