Deadlifts Week 5

Warm Up:
Standing Abs: 3×20 w/ doubled purple bands
External Rotations: 3×12 w/ mini band
Hypers: 3×15 w/ bw
Leg Raises: 3×15
Pull Throughs: 3×15 w/ mini band

Deadlift: 5@429.9/195, 5@440.9/200, 5@451.9/205, 5@463/210, 5@467.4/212
Speed Deadlift(doubled purple bands): 20×1@264.6/120 + 176.4/80 bands w/15sec rest
GHRs: 40 in 1:55
Standing Abs: 3×15 w/ doubled purple + doubled mini
Hypers: 3×20 w/ 35.3/16
Side Bends: 3×8(per side)@120/54.4

About half an hour later and I can still barely stand up, my low back is FRIED. The speed deadlifts were good, very tough by the end with such a sort break. The GHRs almost caused a couple hamstring cramps but I got through them.