Deadlifts Week 6

Deadlifts(conv, 56 metal deadlifter, belt): 1@545/247.2, 1@585/265.4, 1@615/279
Front Squat to 12″ box: 3@225/102.1, 3@245/111.1, 3@260/117.9
Pfister Styler Hypers: 3×10 w/mini band
Ab Wheel style abs: 3×6

Well 615 is the most i’ve ever pulled conventional but it’s just not enough to make me go back to it for this next contest, I can’t give up 10+kgs. The front squats to the box were enjoyable, the box is a good 4″ lower than I normally use. The pfister style hypers were down right brutal with a band around the neck, these have been taken to the next level.