8 thoughts on “Few Pictures of the New Gym

  1. damn…you guys even got an LCD in your gym. I cant’ even get the company that I work for to purchase a LCD for me. So I’m purchasing my own…

    But yeah…I’m totally jealous. Are you guys buying new equipment or have you pretty much collected it over the years?

  2. We currently have:
    3x knock off ER Racks
    1x ER Rack
    1x Ivanko bar + full weight set(400kg)
    1x decent black oxide bar
    2 or 3 Weightlifting bars
    1x squat stands
    1x squat rack(home made, heavy duty)
    2x weightlifting/deadlift platform
    approx 200kg of bumper plates

    We will be getting soon:
    1x power rack(getting it custom made)
    2x black oxide bars(ordering them monday)
    800lbs of plates
    we’ve heard as much as 400kg more of bumper plates
    incline bench
    olympic dumbell handles

  3. Man I can’t stop looking at these pictures. I must’ve looked 25 times in the past few hours.

  4. I can only begin to imagine what you guys are feeling setting this up… looks very sweet! More pics as you progress… please! 🙂

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