Front Squats Week 8

Front Sq(belt): 3@340/154.2, 3@350/158.8, 3@355/161
SLDL: 2×10@365/165.6

Well I missed my target of 365 on front squats but I’m still happy with 355, I’d say 365 would have been there on a better day.

2 thoughts on “Front Squats Week 8

  1. Ryan I have some questions about gear. I bought an Inzer Zsuit and I find that the inseam really hurts when I’m bellow parrallel. I’ve tried this suit 4 times now and every time is the same. Is this normal for suat suits or have I just bought a lemon? What do you suggest? I also ordered an Metal IPF Deadlifter. What is your opinion of this suit? Everyone online really seems to like Metal gear. I’m figuring out my bench shirt. I have a Titan Fury NXG+ and last week I benched 405lbs. A 70lbs PB. If you could, send me an email with your response.

    Thanks, Rob Snow.

  2. Thanks for the quick response. Sure I’ll try the Titan suit. My email is Send me an address and I’ll send you a cheque. Or since you’re coming out for the June 10th meet we’ll do deal then. Thanks again, Rob.

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