High Bar Squats Week 12

Squats: 5@465/210.9(no belt), 5@495/224.5(belt), 2@585/265.4(belt and wraps), 2@615/279(belt and wraps) PR, 1@645/292.6(belt and wraps) Big PR
SLDL: 2×10@350/158.8

Well the workout took a long time but doesn’t look like much. Hit a PR of 5@495 with a belt, really easy, maybe I should have left the belt off but was thinking I might do a heavy belt and wraps single after the doubles. The double at 615 was super easy too, Jeff said I should go 645 which I’d just done last Monday with suit bottoms. I was a little skeptical but it was pretty easy too, I have a video of it that I’ll upload later. Looks like I’m on track for some good squats at nationals.

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