High Bar Squats Week 13

Squats: 8@375/170.1, 8@390/176.9, 8@405/183.7
SLDL: 2×10@360/163.3
Leg Ex: 10@175/79.4, 10@190/86.2, 10@205/93
Hyper Ex, with ball throw: 3x how ever many i could do, i couldn’t concentrate enough to count

The squats would have been damn near relaxing if it wasn’t for the cardio element. This workout will be fairly light high reps until the meet now. We tried something I saw in the Phil Pfister video that Chris put up. It’s hyper extensions with a static contraction at the top long enough to throw a medicine ball to your partner and have him throw it back….wowzers.

One thought on “High Bar Squats Week 13

  1. Hyperextensions with a medicine ball throw at the top?!
    That’s too much for me to contemplate at 1AM…

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