IPF Worlds 2008

Squat: 760.6/345, 793.7/360, 815.7/370(National Record)
Bench: 529.1/240, 556.6/252.5, 584.2/265
Deadlift: 622.8/282.5, 661.4/300, 683.4/310
Total: 2083.3/945
BW: 318.3/144.4
Wilks: 525.7

Wow, what an experience. My first worlds and in Canada, does it get better than that? It does! Go 9/9 with three personal bests and my first national record. Oh and tie for bronze in the bench only losing on bodyweight, yeah, it was pretty awesome.
Beyond that to meet the likes of Brian Siders, Wade Hooper, Daisuke Midote, Olaf Dahl and everyone else that I’ve only ever seen in videos was great. Wade Hooper is like the nicest guy in the whole world, except when he tried to pick a fight with me(not really he was just screwing around). It was a shame to see Siders on a bad day, I was super pumped to see he lift but I guess he was sick leading up to the meet.

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