Knee Wrap Squat Week 4

Squats(Wraps+Belt): 3@551.2/250, 3@573.2/260, 3@595.2/270
Pyramid of Death Front Squats: 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 @ 154.3/70
Romanian Deadlifts: 5@297.6/135, 5@319.7/145, 5@330.7/150

The belt/wrap squat is a small PB so I’m happy and they felt easier than last week too. The Pyramid of Death is a name we came up with for a circuit of lifters each doing the same lift one after another. So for front squats it was Jamie, Jeff, Hoabinh and I. Hoabinh does 3 reps then Jamie does 3 then I do 3 then Jeff does 3, then Hoabinh does 4, then Jamie does 4, etc. With no break except the time it takes others to do them. Hoabinh got to 7 or 8, I did 10, Jamie got 12 and Jeff did 13. Total of 52 reps for myself. Rough…