Knee Wrap Squats Week 7

Squats: 1@545/247.2(belt+wraps), 3@585/265.4(belt+wraps), 1@645/292.6(belt+wraps+suit bottoms), 0@685/310.7(full gear)
GM: 8@255/115.7,8@275/124.7, 8@295/133.8
GHR: 2×8@#bw#

Well not exactly what I wanted today. I tossed on my old 54 Titan Centurian to see how it felt. The first one with straps down was super hard to get depth, the suit just fought me all the way. I decided to go heavy with straps up which didn’t go well. The suit again was fighting me almost right from the start and was just throwing my hips around, I got near depth then I really don’t know what happened but it was pulled off me. I was told it threw my hips back and i was way out of position but then I remember saying “Nope” or “Take it” and then thinking it felt easy going up…I don’t know what order those things happened in.
The suit will require a ton of weight to get depth without a huge fight, I’d say I’ll need at least 705/319.8 or 715/324.3 to get down comfortably.
On a bright side my left knee felt great and my right was only a little sore today. All my warmups felt great, with the exception of 495/224.5 with just a belt that came up a little crooked.