Knee Wrap Squats Week 8

Squats(knee wraps, belt): 3@560/254, 3@575/260.8, 3@590/267.6
Good Mornings: 8@275/124.7, 8@290/131.5, 8@305/138.3
GHR: 3×8@bw(308/139.7)

The wrapped squats felt good today, best they’ve felt the whole program. I used metal all black wraps for my first and third set and they felt great. I was really sitting back, my squat form felt great, I was pretty upright until my third rep on my third set but I think I might have rushed it a bit. 305 was my goal for 8s on good mornings, which felt good, pretty close to as heavy as I could go at 8 reps.

One thought on “Knee Wrap Squats Week 8

  1. So your finally coming around with the black wraps eh. My squats went really well today too, really looking forward to fives on monday!

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