Last Dynamic Effort Leg Workout

Yesterday was the last DE squat/dl workout I will be doing for a while as I am going to be embarking upon my new routine starting this weekend.
Yesterday looked like this:
Box Squats at 55% 1RM
12sets x 2reps x 250lbs
Started to feel quick sick half way through

Rack Pulls
Ripped my hand open a bit again and my lower back pain returned

GHR on Lat Pulldown
5x60lbs(weight is used for assistance)

That’s all I did, my abs still hurt from Saturdays workout.

As I said this weekend will be the start of my new routine which looks like this:

Deads or Rack Pulls: 2x10(for a while to work on form, then drop to 2x5 with higher weight)
Upper Back work, bent over rows, T-bar rows: 2x5
Reverse grip narrow grip pull downs 2 x 6
Standing wide grip curls 2 x 8

Squats: 2x5
Box Squats: 2x4
Ham/Lower Back work, GHR, Pullthroughs, etc: 2x6
Calves: 2x10

Board Press 2x3
Shirted Bench 4x1
Tricep work, dips, JM press, tate press, etc: 2x10
Traps and shoulders, shrugs, upright rows, etc: 1x10

I’m thinking I might change Calves on Saturday to abs or something.

2 thoughts on “Last Dynamic Effort Leg Workout

  1. I think there is a lot of sense in frequent low volume workouts… I have been thinking myself of limiting my session to no more than 3 or 4 exercises, but doing something almost daily.
    good luck with your new routine… I think cutting back will lead to some big gains.

  2. Thanks, I don’t think I can express how much I want to goto the gym, even just not going on wednesday has made me crave goign to the gym really bad.
    Thank god tomorrow if saturday and i get to workout again.

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