Last Heavy Bench

Speed Bench: 8×5@205/93 + blue bands(~100/45.4 at top)
Shirted Bench: 1@405/183.7, 1@455/206.4
Lockouts(5″ ROM): 3@495/224.5, 2@520/235.9, 3@520/235.9
External Rotations: 3×12 w/ mini band
Band Pull Aparts: 25 w/ choked mini band, 2×10 w/ doubled mini band
Face Pulls: 10@110/49.9, 2×10@120/54.4
“Reapers”: 10@45/20.4, 10@65/29.5

Good enough. The speed benches were all quick, i’m finally used to the 5s and now i’m done them. The shirted work was rough, both touches were harder than I’d like but I think the sleeves were a little too torqued and I wasn’t really in the mindset. I missed my last rep on my second set of lockouts because I tried to do the sets too quick I think.

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