Legs Up Week 2

Foam Rolling/Dynamic Warm Up

Legs Up: 5@275.6/125, 286.6/130, 297.6/135, 308.6/140, 308.6/140
Legs Up 2Board: 5@330.7/150, 341.7/155, 352.7/160
A1) Chin Up: 5×3
A2) Incline DB Bench: 8@63/28.6, 73/33.1, 83/37.6, 88/39.9
B1) Side Plank: 3x20sec/side
B2) 30Deg Abducted External Rotation: 3×10@11/5
Bits of cardio

Pretty decent workout, no big jumps in strength from last week, and my shoulders are feeling a little beat up from this jump back into so much benching. I may have to lighten up Tuesdays close grip workout.