Light Shoulder Workout

Standing BNP: 5×10@95/43
Band Face Pulls: 6×15 w/ monster mini
Internal Rotations: 3×15 w/ monster mini
Laying External Rotations: 3×10-15@10/4.5
Laying Side Raises: 3×20@12/5.4

And so continues my light week of recouping. I pulled my grip in a little closer on every set of BNPs to try and stretch my sore shoulder, I also paused 1/2 the reps to change things up a little bit. I felt progressively stronger as the sets went on which might just be the triceps being recruited more as I got narrower. The rest of the work just left my shoulders tired and sore, hope I didn’t over do anything.

2 thoughts on “Light Shoulder Workout

  1. Are you doing anything therapeutic for your shoulder like massage, heat pads, ART, vibration?

  2. I got a massage yesterday, I’m stretching it multiple times a day and using liberal amounts of icy hot. I’d goto an ART person but there are none near me.

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