ME Deadlifts, Not So Good

Sumo Dead: 2×1@485/220
Seated Good Morning: 3×10@88/40, 10@132/60, 10@176/80
Lat Pulldown: 8@135/61, 8@147.5/67, 8@160/73

After I worked up to 485 I knew I wasn’t going to pull anything big today. I’m pulling too much and I’ve now decided to not pull again until the meet. Which means no suit at the meet because I won’t feel confident enough in it without at least 1 more workout in it and I just can’t do that to my body. I’ll pull conventional at the meet just because that’s what I’ve been training for up to now. I’ll continue to do alot of good mornings in order to bring up my glute strength and hopefully bring up my deadlift with it.

First time I’ve ever done seated good mornings and besides the first few sets, which were just kind of painful because of the stretch, they were good. The new plan is to do heavy standing good mornings on tuesdays and lighter seated good mornings on saturdays until the meet. We’ll see how it goes.

5 thoughts on “ME Deadlifts, Not So Good

  1. It’s pretty hard to make a form change right before a comp. You’ve probably made the right choice for this meet. Only you know your body.

  2. The seated GMs definitely give you a good stretch. Were you doing these sitting on the end of a bench, or on the floor?

  3. GMs are an excellent choice. It’ll spare your CNS, too, since you don’t have to hold the weight in your hands. Your squat is already good, the GMs will make your DL seem easier. Oh, yeah, did you hear about Paul Childress hitting 700×5 for a set of GMs in training? No wonder his squat’s huge!!!

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