Nationals 2010

Squat: 683.4/310, -705.5/320, 705.5/320
Bench: 385.8/175, 418.9/190, -440.9/200
Deadlift: 628.3/285, 672.4/305, 711/322.5
Total: 1835.3/832.5
BW: 122kg

Well it’s my worst meet in a long time but what could be expected coming in with my shoulder the way it is. I think if I’d had another month of training my squat could have been 20kg higher, but that’s how it goes.
Very happy with my deadlift though, for only pulling 628.3/285 once in training, I pulled a 2.5kg PB. My deadlift training was very different this time, I never pulled more than 6 reps, everything was full stopped on the floor and I didn’t pull heavier than about 200kg. Not sure how I came away with a PB.