Nationals Week 1 Day 1

Medium Grip Bench: 2@330.7/150, 352.7/160, 374.8/170
2board: 3@396.8/180, 418.9/190, 429.9/195, 440.9/200
3board: 3@463/210, 485/220, 496/225
3-point rows: 10@52.9/24, 79.4/36

First day back after a week rest. Things felt gross, a week off made everything feel wonky.

2 thoughts on “Nationals Week 1 Day 1

    • It’s a standing bent over single arm db row, but now that I think of it maybe it should be called a 2 point row…hmm it’s been a while since I’ve done them, it’s an old exercise I used to do. Just googled it, definitely supposed to be 2 point row.

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