Squat: -749.6/340, 749.6/340, 771.6/350
Bench: 463/210, -507.1/230, -507.1/230
Deadlift: 573.2/260, 661.4/300, -705.5/320
Total: 1896/860
BW: 138.2
Wilks: 481
Finished First

Well in the end it’s about my worst meet ever, the first time my total has gone down between meets. My competition didn’t show up which I think kind of let me down and I just knew that I had to make my openers to win so that was about where my head was. I dropped both my bench and deadlift openers to be extra sure I got them. I got gold which is what I was there for, now I can lift at worlds in Canada in November.

5 thoughts on “Nationals

  1. Hey Ryan,
    I was wondering when you guys usually train. Myself and another lifter (Sune Bak from Denmark)here in Saskatoon were hoping to coming down to train with you and the other lifters.

    Drop me an e-mail if you get a chance.


  2. Although you are probably disappointed with what you lifted, I am proud of you that you came in first!!

  3. Well done Ryan. You can’t lift large every meet. Look forward to the worlds.

  4. Good job Stinn, maybe not what you were hoping to total but now you have the chance to prove yourself on the World stage.

    Best of luck with training.

  5. Ryan,

    Don’t worry about the actual numbers bro. I have totalled the same damn weight in the last 3 or so meets now and I know I am way stronger now than I was a year ago but little things can hurt the all important total. The main thing is that you learned something at this meet that will greatly improve your training for the next meet.

    See ya on the world team brotha!

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