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Welcome to my workout blog. My plan is to track my workout’s and my goals as I go through this experience known as powerlifting. I’m going to break down my current goals, our current routine and maybe some other stuff in this post.

About Me
I’m 23 and I’ve been working out since February of this year(2004), I currently weight 285lbs. When I started tracking my weight in about May I was 320 so I’ve been slowly losing weight over the past 10 months which was my first goal of going to the gym.
Personal Records
Bench Press: 305lbs
Squat: 385lbs
Deadlift: 462lbs
End of Year Goals
Bench: 315lbs
Squat: 405lbs
Deadlift: 462lbs
One goal down, two to go. I’ll be going for both of these goals this weekend.

Training Style/Routine
I could type it all out again but my training partner has already done it at his site so I’ll just link to it. Did you read it? Alright I can’t make you if you didn’t. Regardless we do a Metal Militia/Westside Barbell mixed routine. Basically it is your standard WSB routine with a MM replacement for ME chest.

Tomorrow is ME Squat day so I will hopefully update tomorrow with news of reaching my goal.

Until then.

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  2. I found this and just had to comment… it’s amazing how much things have changed. I particularly liked how you called this an “experience known as powerlifting”. I’d say it’s been quite an experience!

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