North Americans 2014

Squat: 771.6/350, 793.7/360, 804.7/365
Bench: -573.2/260, 573.2/260, 589.7/267.5
Deadlift: 661.4/300, 688.9/312.5, 700/317.5
Total: 2094.4/950
BW: 294.1/133.4
Wilks: 534.9

Well after the time off due to the crazy stretching issues with my back the meet went as good or better than I’d hoped. Once I got there and people started competing I also knew I was in for a tough meet, the warm up room was barely air conditioned and the venue got hot as the day went on. I made sure I was prepared with electrolytes and lots of water, drinking upwards of 8 litres while competing.

Squats went really well, my third one I thought I cut a bit but got two whites so I’ll count it. It was also the easiest as I finally got a good setup. Bench went worse, I was so sticky I decided not to put my belt on for my opener, I missed it on a bit of downward motion. I repeated it but again didn’t put my belt on, I had some slight downward on my left hand but not the entire bar so I snuck it in with 2 whites. I then put my belt on for my third and hammered it. I think I had 10-15kg left in my bench.

Deadlifts were entirely picked for getting the gold. I had a 17.5kg lead going into deadlifts but my competitor is a better puller than me so I knew I needed to get all 3. Opener was a smoke show as planned. Then on my second attempt the bar slipped in my left hand, tearing a callus and getting my hand bleeding. I tried to jam chalk into it to stop the bleeding but didn’t have any luck. So I just chalked as best I could and gripped as hard as possible on my third. Again, a pretty easy pull, probably 5-10kg left but it was the right call as my competitor lost his grip on his third attempt and I walked away with my first international gold medal.