NAPF week 1 day 4

Deadlift: 1@529.1/240, 551.2/250, 562.2/255, 573.2/260, 584.2/265
Chest supported row: 8@225/102.1, 245/111.1, 265/120.2, 285/129.3

Had to cut deadlifts short my right glute it’s still acting up.

NAPF week 1 day 1

Bench: 4×3@369.3/167.5, 2×2@380.3/172.5, 1×5@380.3/172.5
2 board: 2@402.3/182.5
Db rows: 3×10@100/45.4

Asked the best bencher in the country to help with my bench program. Shawn O’Halloran has made up a program for me so I’m going to follow it till the meet. This will be the first time I haven’t followed my own programming in years.
My left wrist feels like it’s going to break when I bench, this is not ideal.

Nationals 2015

Well I failed to keep my blog up to date as training got closer to nationals but I’ll try to get back on the bandwagon on this next training block. As for the meet…

Nationals was by far the best meet for me to date and it’ll go down as one of the most memorable for the milestone. I’m always nervous lifting at nationals, or a busy worlds, after coaching for a week you tend to spend a lot of time on your feet and getting stressed out with other peoples lifting. In the past this always culminated to me having a crappy nationals. 06, 07, even 08 were all pretty poor meets for me, it’s only been in the last couple years that they have been better.

I came in knowing my training had gone well except for the slight back tweak a couple weeks out however I wasn’t going to let that stop me. I had big goals in mind and I’m happy to say I hit half of them, which seems pretty good.

Squat: 815.7/370, 843.3/382.5, 859.8/390(NR)
Bench: 584.2/265, 606.3/275, -623.9/283
Deadlift: -716.5/325, 716.5/325, 745.2/338(NR)
Total: 2211.2/1003(NR, biggest total in CPU history)
BW: 137.2
Wilks: 562

The goals I hit were the 390 squat and 1000+ total, although I suppose I hit a third one with the 1003 since it beats Alex Mardell’s best total of 1002.5. I really wanted to hit a 565 wilks and better than that 1017.5 would have beat Rhaea’s wilks from Nationals, so I wanted that too. Oh well, happy but never satisfied, I think that’s my moto.

Nationals Week 5 Day 6

Squat w/wraps: 1@661.4/300, 694.4/315, 716.5/325
Squat w/straps down: 1@749.6/340, 771.6/350
Stiff leg deadlift: 6@308.6/140, 352.7/160

Well it was a double pb day, 325 with wraps and 350 straps down. Squat is feeling really strong.

Nationals Week 5 Day 5

SSB: 2@413.4/187.5, 435.4/197.5, 457.5/207.5, 457.5/207.5
Speed Bench w/monster mini band: 9×3@231.5/105
3Board: 6@385.8/175, 407.9/185, 429.9/195, 451.9/205, 474/215

Everything felt good, the 6s on 3board was tiring but good.

Nationals Week 5 Day 4

Deadlift w/suit: 1@639.3/290, 661.4/300, 683.4/310, 694.4/315, 694.4/315
Deadlift from 2″ deficit: 3×3@529.1/240

After getting my right glute med treated my deadlifts are feeling much better, pulled almost pain free.

Nationals Week 5 Day 3

Squat w/belt: 2@540.1/245, 562.2/255, 573.2/260
Close grip 3board: 6@330.7/150, 352.7/160, 374.8/170, 385.8/175, 396.8/180

Good squat day, decided to do boards on close grip to get some tricep volume in.