Provincials 2014 Meet Write Up

Squat: 782.6/355, 799.2/362.5, 815.7/370NR
Bench: 573.2/260, 595.2/270, 606.3/275
Deadlift: 683.4/310, 723.1/328NR, 782.6/355

Total: 2145.1/973NR
Bodyweight: 292.8/132.8
Wilks: 548.29

This was a very weird meet for me, I haven’t done a local contest equipped in a very very long time. I’m so used to being at a meet for a week before I compete that competing when I can sleep in my own bed until two nights before, eating my own food and living a normal life, that even up till warm ups I wasn’t “into” it.

Once I got “into” it, it was good. My squats didn’t feel splendid, and I’ll put some blame on trying to use my deadlift suit for squatting, I think I need to get back into a TRX for squats, or maybe it’s was just me. My second squat my upper back got rounded so I had to fight it through the mid point, but it was easy otherwise. I took a conservative jump for a small PR, I was trying to chip my way up to a PR total. Third squat was “just in there” i’m told and I felt like I cut it more than the other two, but got it 2-1.

Benching had been a bit of a gong show in training, I missed almost a month of solid benching due to my right elbow hurting so bad. So with just one good month of training I was able to hit a some good numbers. My second attempt went a bit rough but I knew I didn’t pull my feet back under me as well, I fixed that on my third and that attempt was much easier. Another 2.5kg PR.

My deadlift opener was set to give me a 5kg total PR and the plan was to make the jump to 328 for the national record if it was easy. It was very easy. I got all psyched up for 328, I’ve never held a national deadlift record so I was pumped to go for it. I smoked it, it honestly felt like an opener. We put in 340 just to put an attempt in and Rhaea told me she was going to crunch some numbers. I already knew I needed 355 to hit 1000 but I needed someone else to tell me that it was in the realm of possibility. As soon as she asked me I said yes, put it on. I tried, I got it above my knees and I felt like I was in a bad position, like maybe I could try to grind it but that might do bad things for my back. Knowing that it moved like that, I’ll be hitting that weight soon enough, I have no doubt.

3 national records, 4 PRs(post injury on the squat) and a huge wilks PR makes for a very happy day.

1000kg I’m coming for you at Worlds in 8 weeks.